MCA Suite highly recommends using your own SMTP server to avoid emails getting sent to spam boxes.  Often times sending emails out from MCA Suite using MCA Suite's Email Provider will be marked as spam by Internet Service Provider (ISP) mail services. To ensure better delivery of your emails to your destination, MCA Suite allows you to send email through your mail servers using SMTP. Important note, all outgoing emails will come from one address including internal notes and your submission emails to funders.

To integrate your mail server with MCA Suite, follow the steps below to setup your mail server to integrate with MCA Suite:

1.  Create an email address on your mail server. This email address will be used to send and receive all emails from MCA Suite to your recipients. For example, where "submissions" is the email address (account) and is your domain.

2.  Once you have your email address created on your mail server, you will need to obtain the following information to be entered into MCA Suite's Admin > Setup > SMTP page:  

  • Host
  • Port
  • Secured?
  • TLS 
  • Email address / username
  • Password

If you are using Google (Gmail) or Microsoft Office 365 (Outlook365) as your mail service provider, you need to obtain and enter is your email address and password and check on the "Enabled" checkbox: 

Additional Note for GMAIL:  You will need to turn on "Allow less secure apps" to use SMTP.  Google categories their SMTP protocol in the less secure app.  Here is the link on instructions to enable it:

3.  After initial save, please test an email by pressing the Test Email button.  An e-mail will be sent to your username.  If you received an email, check 'Enabled' and save again.