These are instructions for users of the older Right Signature product.  Please see the new article for new customers.

What do you need to get from RightSignature?

You will need register an API Key and obtain a Secure Token.

How to setup RightSignature integration on MCA Suite? 

1. Create an account with Right Signature if you don't have one that has the Developer API feature.  Please use our referral link: Right Signature Sign Up

2. Register for a new API Key on Right Signature.  You may need to contact their support for assistance.  There are three required fields, Application Name, Description and Application Website.

  • Enter 'MCA Suite' for Application Name
  • Enter 'Integrate with MCA Suite CRM' for Description
  • Enter your website url for Application Website.

Wait until Right Signature approves (generally 1 hour) and obtain your Secure Token.

3. Log into MCA Suite and enter your new token.  Go to Admin > Setup > Integrations > Right Signature, enter your token and click Save.

4. You will now have access to send merged PDFs to Right Signature.  Navigate to any deal's Document Merge page, choose a pdf and click square button to send to Right Signature.

5. Choose a recipient and a filename then press Send.  You will be allowed to change the recipient in Right Signature after you click Send.

6.  If your browser allows pop-ups, a new window will open up to Right Signature where you can continue the process to send a signature request and tag areas in the pdf to where the recipient needs to sign.  If pop-ups are not allowed a link will show on the screen that navigates to Right Signature.  Click on the link to proceed.