What is RightSignature? 

RightSignature is an eSignature provider that is integrated with MCA Suite. If you do not have a RightSignature account, click on this link to signup to integrate your contracts and other Merchant Cash Advance-related documents on the MCA Suite platform.

What do you need to get from RightSignature?

You will need register an API Key and obtain a Secure Token.

How to setup RightSignature integration on MCA Suite? 

1. Create an account with Right Signature if you don't have one.  Please use our referral link: Right Signature Sign Up

2. Register for a new API Key on Right Signature.  You may need to contact their support for assistance.  There are three required fields, Application Name, Description and Application Website.

  • Enter 'MCA Suite' for Application Name
  • Enter 'Integrate with MCA Suite CRM' for Description
  • Enter your website url for Application Website.

Wait until Right Signature approves (generally 1 hour) and obtain your Secure Token.

3. Log into MCA Suite and enter your new token.  Go to Admin > Setup > Integrations > Right Signature, enter your token and click Save.

4. You will now have access to send merged PDFs to Right Signature.  Navigate to any deal's Document Merge page, choose a pdf and click square button to send to Right Signature.

5. Choose a recipient and a filename then press Send.  You will be allowed to change the recipient in Right Signature after you click Send.

6.  If your browser allows pop-ups, a new window will open up to Right Signature where you can continue the process to send a signature request and tag areas in the pdf to where the recipient needs to sign.  If pop-ups are not allowed a link will show on the screen that navigates to Right Signature.  Click on the link to proceed.