MCA Suite can be setup to send your data to your Dropbox account on a nightly basis which you can use for setup your data warehouse for custom reports. In order for MCA Suite to send you nightly data backups, you will need to provide your Dropbox Access Token to the MCA Suite Support team.  Dropbox backup requires an additional fee.  Below are detailed steps to obtain your Access Token from Dropbox:

1.  You must login to your Dropbox account.

2.  Once you have logged into your Dropbox account, go to:  Dropbox Developer Home

3.  Click My Apps on the left hand navigation.

4.  On the Dropbox Developer Home screen, click on "Create App."

5.  Choose Scope access and App folder access to limit access

7. Type in the name of your app; You can use any name. Then click the "Create app" button:

8. This will bring you to the page below. Click on the "Generate" button on the following screen to create an Access Token.

9.  Once the Access Token has been created (which will be a very long random generated value), copy the Access Token and paste it into an email to send it to your MCA Suite contact or Support Team. Below is an example of what an Access Token would look like:

10. Give write permissions to the app by going to the permissions tab.

11. Once you have provided the Access Token, MCA Suite will send you a file at 1:30AM Eastern containing your MCA Suite data. The file name contains the month, date and year for your reference. MCA Suite cannot ensure delivery of all data files because it does not manage your Dropbox account's file usage. If your Dropbox file usage limit has been reached, it may cause delivery failure.