On the Submissions page, you can choose to send deal information to Funders via an email with attachments or an email with a link (password required) to view the attachments. When you choose either option, you will be taken to the page below where you'll see a list of Funders for you to select as Recipients. 

In order for the Funder to show up on the list, you will need to do two things: 

1.  Have a Company in MCA Suite that is a Funder as a contact type.
2.  Make sure the Funder has a Submission profile. 

Funders on Submissions page

Below is the Add Company screen where you will need to make sure the Company is a Funder. Please note that this is not the Person screen. If you're in the Person screen, please click on the Name of the company and Edit to get to this screen: 

Company Funder

After you've made sure the Company is a Funder, click on the Submission Profile tab to finish the setup. On the Submission Profile page, you will need to: 

1.  Enter in the address (or addresses separated by commas) to receive the deal information via the Submission function. 

2.  You'll need to setup a universal password to be shared with the Funder to access the file if choosing Email + Link. The password is required for security purposes. When MCA Suite sends an email with a link to the Funder, the Funder will need to use the password to access the files. 

Submission Profile

If you have additional questions about the Submissions feature of MCA Suite, please check this overview tutorial for more information.