Administrators can configure MCA Suite to be accessed only by defined public IP addresses (IP addresses that do not start with 10.x.x.x and 192.x.x.x). To prevent administrators from locking themselves out of their own MCA Suite instance (i.e.,, we have made it so all "administrator" users always have access to their MCA Suite instance regardless of IP address restrictions.

To begin restricting your MCA Suite instance from the public, you will need to go to the ADMINISTRATION > USER ADMIN > WHITELIST tab (see below). In the space provided, add at least one (or as many as you like) public IP addresses to the list (also known as the whitelist). Once a public address has been added, your MCA Suite instance will restrict all users from accessing MCA Suite unless they are logging in from an IP address from the "whitelist."

 Whitelist IP Addresses to limit access to MCA Suite

Administrators can also add users to the "whitelist" (by clicking on the "Users" tab), which means users on the list will NOT be restricted from logging into MCA Suite by IP addresses. If you are using the IP restriction feature, we recommend you add all the Investor, Broker Admin, Broker User and Merchant users to this list as they will most likely be accessing MCA Suite from a public IP address that will not be on the "whitelist" of IP addresses.

Whitelist Users to bypass IP Address Restriction