For your first import, we advise you to try a file with one or two contacts before importing a large file.  If you have a very large file and would like to test it beforehand, please send it to

You can import your contacts (company and people) into MCA Suite. Importing a contact is like creating a Person in MCA Suite. To import your contacts, you must create and format a comma separated values (csv) file with the following columns: 

Column Label Required? Description
Contact Type


Enter either one or multiple separated by comma:




·Credit Card Processor


Company Name

Legal name of the company. *Company name is only required if you want to import a company along with the person (DBA is not required).



DBA name of the company
First Name
Person's first name
Last Name
Person's last name

Person's title, 30 characters max.

Business Phone

Person's business phone
Mobile Phone

Person's mobile phone
Email 1

Person's business email
Email 2

Person's personal email 

Company's website
Address 1

Address location (street number and name)
Address 2

Address location 2 (most likely a floor or a suite number)
Two digit US State
Zip Code

Numerical value



Ex: United States 
R Assigned To   Must be a valid username (the email address) in the system.  If user+ default CRM permission is set, permission will be given to this user.
S Contact Status   Enter one of the four statuses: Lead, Assigned, Active, Declined.  This will override the status chosen when importing. 
T Source Company
  The referring company
U Keywords
Any keywords for the contact.  This field is searchable in the global search.

IMPORTANT:  Although not all columns are required to have information inputted (ex: the Title column can be blank), the file you upload MUST have ALL these columns listed. In other words, the import template you upload must be 21 columns long. Otherwise, you will receive an error message that says "Invalid Number of Columns" and no information will process.

Once you have your file ready, go to Admin > Import > Contacts & Deals page to select the file to be imported. 

Import contacts

If your csv file format does not meet our validation rules, you will see a rejection message. After your csv file has been accepted by MCA Suite, you will see an "Upload Success!" message. You will also be given an option to select the Contact Status for the names you are about to import into MCA Suite. 

Upload contact validation

Attached to this article, you will see a template containing an example of what can be imported into MCA Suite. Note the header file (first row) is required and will be ignored during the import process.  All contacts will take on the default CRM permission setting under Admin.  Please choose the appropriate permission setting before importing.

Before you run a large contact import file, it is HIGHLY suggested that you test a FEW lines of contacts first. In case there is an issue, it is easier to identify the problem if there are less new contacts to sift through, as well as delete any faulty contacts that may have been added.  

Additionally, large import files, over 500 contacts will be run in the background and e-mail will be sent with errors if any to your logged in username email address.

You can undo your import if you make a mistake.  See Undo Import article for more information.